Tuesday, March 8, 2016

How to Clean Dog Urine from Carpet

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Oh puppies. With their big eyes, wagging tails, and playful pounces, they're just so hard to resist! Even the most hardened heart can be softened after playing with a pup. But as much as you may love their adorable faces and fuzzy ears, I doubt that you'll enjoy potty-training your puppy. Like roses with thorns, puppies are both lovable and frustrating; for every sweet kiss and cuddle, there's crying, nipping, gnawed furniture, begging at dinner, and, of course, peeing in the house. Whether you're potty-training your new puppy or cleaning up after an older dog, it's essential that every dog owner knows how to clean dog urine from carpet properly. With our tips, you can learn how to remove the urine you see, the urine you don't see, and the odors that linger afterward. (more…)