Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Carpet Cleaning Equipment: What to Know Before You Spend

There's no way around it: Busy households attract dirt. Kids and pets are especially good at bringing the great outdoors back indoors when they get home from playing in the yard. Even in the quietest homes, dust and cooking residue can accumulate, dulling the colors of your carpets. Buying or renting carpet cleaning equipment is one alternative to professional carpet cleaning services. Diligent, weekly vacuuming is not. Even the most pampered, shoe-free, pet-free, kid-free, stain-free carpet needs more than vacuuming. Dirt particles can permeate carpet fibers below the pile, invisibly and treacherously eating away at your carpet and substantially reducing its lifetime. 

Types of Carpet Cleaning Machines
That said, more extensive carpet cleaning methods are no sure-fire way to a clean, healthy carpet. Misused carpet cleaning equipment can even make the situation worse. Dry-cleaning methods are often insufficient for badly soiled carpet. Steam cleaning methods require high pressure equipment and a deft touch to prevent odors and damage associated with lingering moisture. Here are some of the major types of carpet cleaning equipment that are on the market today, along with a brief synopsis of their cleaning methods: 

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